Stella of Akrotiri: Series Box Set

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Apple Books ISBN: 978-1946271-40-2

Series Box Set

Love can last a thousand lifetimes when you're an Immortal...
or so they thought.

Action, adventure and romance feature in this collection of the three "Stella of Akrotiri" books-ORIGINS, DEMINON, and DIANA.

From their meeting on the Cyclades island of Strongili (now known as Santorini) to their time as king and queen of the city-state of Deminon in 200 BC, Immortals Darius of Agremon and Stella of Akrotiri have shared a bond that transcends mortal love. They have witnessed the rise and fall of empires while raising a series of adopted sons. Determined to honor those who serve while keeping their citizens safe from invaders, these Immortals face adversaries from all over the Mediterranean. Will Rome be next?

"A lavish, sensual historical romance that will sweep readers up into a fascinating world that blends the fantasy of an immortal race with the rich history of the Greek and Roman empires."


Stella regarded Marcus Ortelius from where she stood just outside her chambers. Candlelight cast the silhouette of her body in the opening left by the secret door, the shape made eerie by the filmy dressing gown that still hung from her shoulders.

If she hadn't been so angry with the gladiator, she would have simply closed the door, barred it, and allowed him to find out the hard way that, short of falling to his death on the rocks below, there was no easy escape from where he stood. But she wanted a word with the thick man. Wanted to be sure he understood his only chance at freedom wasn't going to come from Augustus of Assyria.

And besides all of that, he was Darius. Although why the older Immortal hadn't seen to stopping the younger Immortal from learning first-hand she couldn't die, Stella didn't know.

Perhaps it was time she find out.

She was about to demand an explanation, but another possibility entered her mind. Had his attempt on her life been done as a means of proof?

The younger Immortal had vanquished Darius in the arena. Perhaps he didn't believe in immortality for that very reason. By allowing Marcus to kill her, Darius was merely teaching his host a lesson.

At her expense.

She lifted a hand to her throat. Although it no longer hurt, the memory of how his weight had crushed it was hard to shake. Especially as he stared at her in disbelief and then slowly dropped to his knees. Had he a sword in hand, she was sure he would have fallen on it.