Beyond the Aristocracy

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Apple Books ISBN: 978-946271-46-4

The Making of a Mistress

A sensual tale of what happens when two lonely agents embark on their own mission—before the real mission begins.

An agent of the Home Office, Miss Daisy Albright has volunteered to assist in exposing the man behind a smuggling ring operating in Yorkshire. Her assignment will require she become the mistress of the suspect. Trouble is, she has no experience as a courtesan. Willing to sacrifice her virtue and learn what she must for the Crown, Daisy has a Foreign Office operative in mind to teach her what a man wants in a mistress.

As the captain of the ship that will search for the smugglers from the water, he'll be just as invested as she is in the operation. She even knows where they can meet to be assured of privacy—the Soho Club.

Now if only she can convince Alex Bradley to execute her plan. He's positively appalled at learning what she wants him to do—at first. He might act like a rogue when he's in his guise as Captain Jack Crawley, captaining a ship of pirates in pursuit of smugglers and illegal traders. But is he really too much of a gentleman to help in The Making of a Mistress?

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