Coming October 10
Featured in "Have Yourself a Merry Little Secret"

Cover by Victoria Cooper

The Knot of a Knight

A sensual tale of secrets and two desperate souls

Young widow Lady Xenobia Dunsworth yearns for companionship, and not just the sort afforded by her friends. After her cousin Lady Julia Comber sends a missive saying she has arranged for a gentleman to pay a call, she's curious. Who is he?

When the wife of his best friend claims she knows of a baroness with a timid filly in need of training, Sir Randolph is happy to meet with Lady X. He wants more clients for his burgeoning equine business even as his work for the Crown requires most of his evenings. So when he appears at the appointed hour only to learn there is no filly, he begins to wonder—was Lady Comber referring to Lady X?

After these two share a clandestine evening of conversation the week before Christmas, Randolph discovers Xenobia's hidden stash of bank notes. They might be counterfeit—but are his feelings for her?