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The Cousins of the Aristocracy

Two sensual tales of mismatchmaking, marriage, and mayhem!

When it comes to matchmaking, will the third time be the charm? In 1802 London, Emma Fitzsimmons is determined to fend for herself in life as well as love in THE PROMISE OF A GENTLEMAN. Her banker has other plans for her future, though — marriage — as does her best friend, Christiana. Given the options, should Emma consider Todd, the tall broker who desperately wants a wife? Or the rake, Gregory, who isn't quite what he seems but seems to know what he wants? What of her best friend's brother, Thomas, who has hired her as an auditor for his import business but may have a different position in mind for her? With six characters looking for love — whether they know it or not — Emma's not the only target of matchmakers in this epic sensual tale of mismatchmaking at its finest.

Their story continues later in 1802, when London throbs with great expectations and unlimited potential. Newlyweds embark on a wedding trip. An import business grows faster than its owner can manage. A friend accepts a new position when he learns his wife is expecting a child. And a man who has spent his life in service to others faces a new responsibility he'd determined to manage—the promise of an heir.

As these four couples—made up of friends and family—face their futures, they'll discover romance and marriage are not always compatible when life interferes. But the adventures that await them make life worth living in THE PRIDE OF A GENTLEMAN.