Lyons Den Collected World
Releases May 25, 2022

Cover design by Dragonblade Publishing

The Courage of a Lyon

War brought them together the first time—it will take courage to reunite them once more

After his leg was broken at Waterloo, Captain Charles Audley spent weeks in a field hospital prior to his return to London. An angel in the guise of a nurse gave him hope when he wanted so desperately to simply die.

Daughter of an Army colonel, Amy Sinclair wants nothing more than to be a nurse. She even talked her father into allowing her to work in a field hospital before he died. Her mother has other ideas for her future, though. Convinced she's been ruined, Margaret employs Mrs. Dove-Lyon, a matchmaker, to find a suitable husband for Amy.

When he discovers his brother, James, has nearly bankrupted the Leicester earldom, apparently whilst gambling, Charles is determined to put things right. To start, he'll collect on an old IOU signed by one Colonel Lyon, which has him meeting a most unusual gambling den owner. Charles is surprised when Mrs. Dove-Lyon pays off the debt without question but then asks what game of chance he'd willing to play to win a wager. His answer, "Arm wrestling," leaves him nervous and her with a means to make a match.

Meanwhile, James heads off to Cambridgeshire, determined to win the hand of the daughter of a marquess—and her dowry. When he finds out he's not the only one vying for Lady Stephanie's hand—and she's already accepted an offer—he sets his sets his sights on her younger sister, Eloise. He's strangely attracted to the enigmatic creature.

Eloise's parents have never understood her rebellious nature. Never understood why she insists on behaving poorly, which is why her mother has a certain woman in mind to see to a match. There is a reason for Eloise's behavior, of course, so when a visiting earl discovers it so quickly, she's besotted. But what about him? She's sure he's only there to court her older sister—or is he?

With an earldom at stake and young women in need of men who can empathize with their desires, can the machinations of Mrs. Dove-Lyon save the day?