"The Brothers of the Aristocracy" Book 2

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I Love Romance Review 5 stars
Linda Rae Sande writes stories that are prevalent in any day or age. Her stories are penned with understanding and at the center of each and every one of them is heart. The Caress of A Commander is a story of determination on the part of one man Will to reunite with his one great love. Will stops at nothing to discover the whereabouts of the keeper of his heart. Along the way he recruits his brother to help him in his absence. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. The Caress of a Commander is the story of two brothers searching for their destinies as they navigate love, loss, mystery and society. I am loving the dual story format and as always the sensuality and sensitivity she brings to the table with every read.

The Caress of a Commander

When you agree to trade places, what can go wrong?

After eight years in the British Navy, Will Slater returns to London to resume his life as the son of a marquess. He's determined to discover what's become of Lady Barbara. An earl's daughter, she pledged her love on their last night together and now seems to have disappeared from Society.

Will's bastard brother, Stephen, served with him on his last ship and is ready to attend every ball and soirée necessary to earn acceptance in the ton. As the Marquess of Devonville's son and a dead ringer for his brother, he finds it easier than he should to navigate the choppy waters of aristocratic Society. And why wouldn't he? All the young ladies think he's his brother, especially after Will requests that they trade places and then leaves London to search for Barbara!

Banished from her father's home seven years ago, Barbara lives in a ramshackle cottage in Oxfordshire. With little to eat, no prospects, and nothing in the way of income unless she takes up prostitution, her life has become bleak. Although there is one bright spot left in her life, that, too, will dim unless something—or someone—comes to save the day. The last person she expects to do just that is Will Slater. Having written him off when he didn't write to her during his years at sea, Barbara claims she no longer loves him. How can she when he abandoned her?

As Stephen dazzles the debutantes with his easy manners, good humor and demonstrations of delectable kissing—all in his brother's name—how will he explain himself when one of those young ladies turns out to be one he wants? Trading places has the brothers feeling as if they're just a bit lost at sea in The Caress of a Commander.


Lucida took a step to the left to avoid a palm frond that seemed determined to rest on her shoulder. Frowning, she wondered how long it had hovered there, ready to reach down and latch onto the tulle and satin sleeve of her white ball gown. Once it had attached itself, it would be nearly impossible to free her sleeve from its grip, the rough edges entwining themselves into the tulle so she might be forced to take a leaf home with her. Even as she regarded the tip of the frond, it seemed to sway in her direction as if it sensed she had moved away.

“It appears as if this palm tree has decided to claim the next dance with you. Perhaps you’ll grant me the one after that?”

Lucida’s eyes widened when she looked up to find the Earl of Bellingham looking down on her, mischief apparent in his hazel eyes.

For a moment, Lucida was left speechless. Obviously, the earl had paid witness to the palm moving in her direction just as she suspected it had done! Perhaps he had even seen its frond fondling her shoulder!

And now he had come to rescue her!

“I actually gave the palm my apologies only a moment ago,” she replied with a roll of her eyes. “He was being rather too friendly given we’ve never been properly introduced,” she explained as she angled her head. “And now I fear he didn’t take it well,” she added, moving a few inches farther away from the insistent frond.