"The Heirs of the Aristocracy" Book 3
Coming Fall 2020!

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The Choice of a Cavalier

A sensual tale of how to meet and marry the girl next door

Following in his father’s footsteps,Thomas Grandby has made a name for himself in the world of investing and wealth. He’s managed to avoid the Marriage Mart—for the most part—but constant reminders of his age have him thinking 1839 may be the year he takes a bride. If only Victoria Fitzsimmons seemed as interested in him as she is in her latest acquisition. Her green-eyes and jet black hair have him positively mesmerized.

Meanwhile, as the daughter of an equine expert, Juliet Comber has spent most of her life in horse stables or attending horse races around the country. She has little interest in Society or the upcoming Season, but as the granddaughter of an earl, there’s an expectation she’ll marry well. If only Christopher, Earl of Haddon, wasn’t such an arrogant ass—doesn’t he know entitlement and privilege are a suitor’s least attractive traits in The Choice of a Cavalier?