"The Heirs of the Aristocracy" Book 4

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The Bargain of a Baroness

A sensual tale of second chances and second sight

When his first love ended up married to a baron, Graham Wellingham agreed to a bargain that had him leaving for the States to set up an office for the family business. His hardened heart has him immune to the attentions of the daughters of wealthy Boston socialites while his skills at negotiation have made him rich importing and exporting a variety of goods across the Atlantic. News of an untimely death has him returning to England.

The daughter of a duke’s daughter and a man who at one time worked in service, Hannah Simpson Harrington has straddled two worlds her whole life. When she decided a marriage proposal wasn’t coming from the man who owned her heart, she agreed to marry a future earl who declared his undying love and devotion. Now that she’s widowed with a son who is sixteen going on six-and-thirty, she has a second chance at a life with her first love. She struck a bargain she’s determined to honor.

Meanwhile, Alexander, heir to the Everly earldom, has just discovered he’s color blind. The malady explains why he didn’t do so well at Cambridge, but what’s worse is he’s sure it prevents him from pursuing his avocation—metallurgy featuring colorful gems and minerals. If only he had a second pair of eyes that could correctly identify colors and gemstones. That the beguiling gray eyes—or are those green?—belong to the daughter of a renown jeweler may only be a temporary inconvenience. Perhaps a more permanent bargain can be struck in The Bargain of a Baroness.